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Why Ecuador?

Top Reasons to invest and purchase your retirement home or vacation home in Ecuador. The real estate market in Ecuador is booming and soon prices will increase. The best time to invest is now and look forward to the profits.

Amicable Immigration Policies

Immigration laws in Ecuador are favorable for expats to relocate. Residence visa can be acquired by showing either proof of pension, but if one is not willing to wait that long, investment visas require a small amount of capital compared to some neighboring countries. Countries like Costa Rica require investors to put in over $S125,000 into the country, Ecuador has a starting investment amount of $25,000. However, if you do not have that kind of money, there are other ways. If you have a degree from an accredited university, that alone should help you apply for residency with a 9-V Professionals Permanent Resident Visa.

None of this information is to say that you do not need an attorney and some basic knowledge about the countries immigration laws. It is safer to prevent anything from going wrong even with the barriers being so low.

Discounts for the elders

The benefits for seniors are not only for Ecuadorian citizens, these benefits extent to non-Ecuadorian senior too: 50% off international flights purchased in Ecuador, cultural and sporting events, electric and water bills. Seniors also have the quick-lines everywhere they go; banks, groceries stores, airports and such, pretty good perks!

21st Century Healthcare System

The public health system in Ecuador offer a full medical coverage to residents and citizens for $70 a month, with no limitations on age or preexisting conditions. Since 2008, the investments in the Ecuador healthcare services have increased from $560 million annually to over $2 million in the year 2013. Investments like this have included new generation equipment, such as linear accelerators, which can target inoperable malignant tumors up to seven millimeters in size with a high cure rate. This same treatment in the U.S would cost you $120,000.

Meanwhile the wait for non-emergency procedures can still be high due to the growing troubles of the rapidly growing public health system; Ecuador continues to be viewed as having one of the best value healthcare systems in the world. In addition, even though it is relatively easy to become a resident, citizens from all over the world come to Ecuador to take advantage of this system.

Gorgeous Distinct Landscape

Ecuador has the most diverse landscapes in the world. One can wake up on the coast, take a trip to Ecuador’s Andean cities, in travel time of 6 hours, and travel to the Amazon Rainforest on the other side. Travel to the unique world of Galapagos Islands, with views for travelers, visitors, and residents.

Even the cities have a variety of different things to see. In Quito and Cuenca you will enjoy the overflowing cities with colonial old-world charm, while in Guayaquil, you can find a modern, active port city and fast paced business climate. Places to practice and live a healthy lifestyle with sports and quality time in top priority.

Economy of the Dollar

The dollar is still the most stable currency in the world. All countries in world use the dollar as a reference to the exchange rate of their currency. If you receive a pension in dollars, then Ecuador’s dollarized system eliminates all foreign currency risk. Although using another nation’s currency can put a boundary in the nation´s ability to manage their own economy by utilizing monetary policy, the benefits of economic stability and confidence have greatly balanced this obstacle.

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