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Properties in Quito

Buying and Renting a Home or Apartment in Quito Ecuador. Quito’s increase in condominiums, single-family homes, and apartments, has given new homebuyers the chance to buy or rent what they are looking for in a property.

Quito   Church

Vibrant City Life

Quito is no small city, it has a population of 1.62 million (2011) and it is known by its tourists as a beautiful urban city. Livable and full of diversity, the city life here is for everyone that likes a little history and new entertainment. Quito’s nightlife center is the Mariscal Foch plaza where discotheques, fine dining, and bars are part of the “farra” (spree and party). Just south, in the historic center, is the most well preserved colonial sites in the Americas. To the north, in the QuiCentro, are the shopping centers, museum, large supermarkets, parks, concerts, and modern conveniences. For the poker players, The Hilton Hotel Casino and the Tambo Real Hotel Casino host an array of poker events and regular poker tables. Young professionals like this area because of the variety of attractions and chances for increase in business expectations.

Excellent Medical Infrastructure

The top hospitals in Latin America are located in Quito, and the most affordable health care costs. This makes Quito the perfect spot for tens of thousands of medical tourists each year, for cosmetic, dental, orthopedic, and other non-emergency surgeries. Having the top hospitals also attracts retirees who want the best for their health.

Cosmopolitan Flair

Quito is just like most big cities, it does not lose its cosmopolitan feel. Start searching around Parque Carolina for more of a cultural view with vendors and food kiosks, perfect for families. Outside the city, about 20 minutes, Cumbaya is more of an upscale suburb to the east of Quito. This is the perfect place to start the search for contemporary Real Estate if you like to be surrounded by things to do and see.